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Item No:HS720-31

Material:ABS+ Metal

Color:Pink&Black in stock



Product size:13.4*5.35*4.6cm


MOQ:1000(accept negotiation) pcs for customized order, no limit for HS brand

  • एफओबी मूल्य: अमेरिकी $ 0.5 - 9,999 / टुकडा
  • Min.Order मात्रा: 100 टुकडा / मोहरे
  • आपूर्ति क्षमता: 10000 टुकडा / प्रति महिना मोहरे
  • पोर्ट: शेन्जेन
  • भुक्तानी नियम: एल / सी, डी / एक, डी / पी, टी / टी
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    Our Advantage

    Our client,Service And Certification

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    उत्पादन टैग

    HUISHENG office staplers are distinguished by their high quality material and finish.

    All paper staplers are manufactured at our company unit which is equipped with advanced and hi tech machinery.

    In the office, at home or at school, HUISHENG office staplers provide the perfect solutions for your needs.

    स्ट्यापलरकार्यालय निर्माता स्ट्यापलर डबल टाउको

    कार्यालय स्ट्यापलर Reviews

    प्रकार मानक स्ट्यापलर
    शक्ति मार्गदर्शन
    भौतिक प्लास्टिक
    आकार सामान्य
    प्रति आकार 24/6 र 26/6
    प्रति क्षमता 100 पीसीएस
    पाना क्षमता 20 पाना
    घाँटी गहिराई 3-9cm
    आयाम 13.4 * 5.35 * 4.6cm
    वजन 0.14KGS
    ब्रान्ड नाम Huisheng
    मोडेल नम्बर HS720-31
    उत्पत्ति भएको ठाउँ चीन (मुख्यभूमि)
    उत्पादन नाम स्ट्यापलर कार्यालय निर्माता स्ट्यापलर डबल टाउको
    विवरण प्लास्टिक स्ट्यापलर
    रंग गुलाबी र कालो वा अनुकूलित
    पैकिंग 1/12 / 72pcs
    GW 12KGS
    ctn आकार 40.8 * 33.3 * 24.3CM
    निःशुल्क पारखी उपलब्ध
    OEM / ODM उपलब्ध
    वारेन्टी 12 महिना
    उपयोग कार्यालय / स्कूल आपूर्ति

    The Office Stapler

    the office stapler

    the office stapler

    कार्यालय स्ट्यापलर

    कार्यालय स्ट्यापलर

    Office Stapler Double Head

    Office Stapler Double Head

    blue stapler

    blue stapler


  • अघिल्लो:
  • अर्को:

  • Huizhou Shengtai Metal & Plastic Manufacturing Co.,Ltd was established in 2004,specialized in manufacturing stationery,including stapler, paper punch, pencil sharpener, staple remover, tape dispenser, paper cutter etc.We have our own brand :Hui Sheng .

    With over 238 employees,we had great capacity to produce more than 15000 pieces of stationery daily.


    Our building area is over 10000 square meters.We have Advanced equipment to manufacture complete stationery in house.


    Our client

    1、we have more than 8 years of experience in manufacturer of stationney

    2、our products are sold all over the world.

    3、our products are extensively used in office,school and other industries.


    हाम्रो सेवा

    1.Certification: ISO9001, इस्वी संवत्

    2.Engineer समूह: निःशुल्क अनुकूलन उत्पादनहरु अध्ययनको लागि व्यावसायिक 5-10 आर एन्ड डी ईन्जिनियरहरु सेवा।

    3.Strict quality control: Huisheng own Injection molding workshop,Hardware stamping workshop, Spring workshop, Assemble workshop for products

    4.Produce progress:Confirm order details -arrange producing plan -prepare material –QC test-Material warehouse – assemble line –QC check in process – QC check after finish-order salesman/assistant spot check.

    Our Certification


    1.Are you a trade company or a manufacturer?

    A:We are an ISO,CE approved manufacturer specialized in stationery.

    OEM & ODM service are available.

    2.What is your MOQ ?

    A: Our minimum order quantity is 100 pieces.

    3.What is your delivery date?

    A: The delivery date is 3 days for stocks order, 35-45 days for customized order.

    4.What is your payment terms?

    A: 30% deposit in advance and 70% balance before delivery.

    5.Can you send free samples?

    A: Yes, free samples are available; you just need to pay the express fee.

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