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Most staplers are used to join multiple sheets of paper. Paper staplers come in two distinct types: manual and electric. Manual staplers are normally hand-held, although models that are used while set on a desk or other surface are not uncommon. Electric staplers exist in a variety of different designs and models. Their primary operating function is to join large numbers of paper sheets together in rapid succession. Some electric staplers can join up to 20 sheets at a time.[3] Typical staplers are a third-class lever.A staple gun is usually a heavier duty, hand-held device; it can be strictly manual or pneumatic. Staple guns are used to fasten a thin material to a solid backing—such as a piece of paper to a bulletin board, or to a piece of wood. The two legs of a staple from a staple gun are not folded over, but are embedded straight into the backing material.

Paper Stapler machine

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Paper Stapling Machines- Regular

Huisheng Stapler Machines Features

  1. Stapler with plastic body cover and Quality steel components
  2. Quick loading mechanism.
  3. Loading Capacity: Full Strip.
  4. Built-in reload viewing slot and Staple Remover.

paper stapler types

big stapler

Hand hold stapler

Hand hold stapler

long reach stapler

Mini stapler

short plastic stapler

Standard Stapler

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