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HUISHENG desktop staplers measure famed worldwide for his or her clever craft and quality construction. we’ve created it our mission to produce the high quality stapler on the market and even these days, our staplers do not stray from that original goal. Stapling anyplace from two to two hundred sheets of paper directly with ease, these professional office products measure something however flimsy. they’re designed with options to reinforce productivity within the workplace, creating them continually prepared for business!

With a powerful all-metal style and sleek, fashionable silhouette, the HUISHENG desktop stapler is really a issue of beauty. simply confronting up to twenty five sheets of paper directly, the HUISHENG comes with a intrinsical staple remover and integrated staple storage. The formed metal construction with rubber prime makes this workplace machine sturdy, nevertheless comfy. It’s solid, significant build is what several users love regarding this product.

If you’re employed in an exceedingly busy workplace atmosphere and everybody shares an equivalent machine, then one in stapler the office could also be the simplest alternative for you. With a special coating designed to cut back the unfold of germs, these special staplers feature an equivalent sturdy construction and stapling power that comes with all HUISHENG staplers.

Paper Stapler

Basic Stapler

Metal Stapler

Mini Stapler

Hot Stapler

Power Saving Office Stapler

Desktop staplers are what you know and love with a place on your desk and in your heart. HUISHENG desktop staplers are an office classic and come in three main sizes: Full Size, Compact and Mini. There is a wide selection of colors and styles in each size so you can always find one that matches your need and you personality. All of our desktop staplers deliver the reliable stapling performance that you’ve come to count on from the HUISHENG brand.

Frequent stapling? No problem

The HUISHENG Desk Stapler is driven by performance. Designed for the desktop, it packs a powerful punch and is able to easily staple as many as 20 sheets at a time. Able to withstand heavy daily use, this durable metal stapler delivers reliable stapling in commercial spaces. Features include an inner rail which reduces risk of jamming and a positive locking latch which ensures that staples are inserted securely and in the proper position. This is the perfect model for any environment with frequent stapling demands. A limited lifetime warranty is included. From HUISHENG, the Commercial stapler features a specialized inner rail to provide long-term stapling integrity. Its metal construction ensures durability for flawless stapling in even the heaviest use environments. This desktop stapler can staple 20  sheets at a time and has a locking latch to keep staples in place and ready to go.

High quality, Staples perfectly every time

Strong and solid metal construction, easily staples papers perfectly, even large quantity of pages; staples smaller quantities perfectly as a hand held stapler, but to me larger quantities staple easier when firmly setting on the desk or table rather than when held in the hand. Hinge is strong with no slop so staples always line up perfectly in the designated slot. Excellent for commercial or home office use.


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