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Engineered for classroom use, the HUISHENG Electric Pencil Sharpener combines smart sharpening technology with rugged construction for dependable performance.

A powerful and quiet electric motor delivers reliable sharpening power without disruption, while an Auto-Reset feature prevents overheating and possible damage.

the HUISHENG classroom electric pencil sharpener is made to reliably serve large classrooms.

Color Pencil Sharpener Electric Features

1、Automatically Stops

This extra safety has been added to ensure that fingers of little children are safe making it an ideal classroom tool.

2、Easy emptying

All you have to do is to remove the tray, empty the shaving tray into a wastebasket and install it back.

Electric Pencil Sharpener Price

Model Number      Power Supply      Size  Price Min. Order FOB Reference Price
HS915 4AA 10*6.7*3.8 cm $1.47 – $1.87 / Pieces       3600 Piece/Pieces        Get Latest Price
HS920 4AA 12.7*7.7*5.7 cm      $1.93 – $2.04 / Pieces 1500 Piece/Pieces
HS916 4AA battery 10*6.7*3.8CM $1.32 – $1.50 / Pieces 50 Carton/Cartons
HS914 2AA 8.2*6.8*3.9 cm $1.28 – $1.65 / Pieces 1440 Piece/Pieces
HS917 4AA 12.2*7.7*4.6cm $1.71 – $1.98 / Pieces 3600 Piece/Pieces

Where can i buy an electric pencil sharpener

Huizhou Huisheng Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

Address:Pingnan Industrial Park,Huihzou Guangdong



Post time: May-04-2019
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