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The paper stapler is a stationery that we often use in our working life. If the paper stapler is not nailed, it can no longer be used.

How to add staples to the paper stapler? Just 7 steps:

1. Prepare the paper stapler and staples.

2. Hold the front end of the paper stapler base with your left hand.

3. Hold the front end of the upper arm of the paper stapler with your right hand.

4. Pull your left hand to the left and pull your right hand to the right.

Or press the base firmly on the table with your left hand and pull the upper arm upwards with your right hand;

Just pull in the opposite direction.

The base and upper arm of the stapler for paper are separated

The paper stapler belly is exposed.

5, remove a staple from the staple box

6. Place the staples down and place them on the straight rod in the belly of the paper stapler machine.

7. Press the upper arm of the paper stapler firmly toward the base so that the upper arm and the belly fit.

8, the paper stapler is ready to install, try to bind it.

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