How to bind the A3 document? ——Use the stapler

When the product leaves the factory, we sometimes print out some instructions, attached to the machine; if there are a lot of instructions, you can choose to print, but when the manual is very small, printing is more inconvenient, this time we can put the instructions in A3

paper, then The stapler is bind to the same book.

Tools / Materials:

Stapler, A3 file

Method / step:

1. A Rotary stapler

2. A stack of A3 file instructions.

3. First fold the A3 document specification along the center line and remove the impression.

4. As is shown in,rotate the stapler .

5. Stack the A3 paper and put it in the stapler.

6. The needle of the stapler must be consistent with the crease.

7. After you have made your order, please book another side, the same way as before.

8. The two staples are all booked.

9. After folding, it becomes a book. A manual has been successfully booked.

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Post time: Oct-17-2018
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