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Electric stapler, if the card is nailed, what should be done if there is a malfunction, and I don’t know where to start when I disassemble it. The following small series introduces how to disassemble the Electronic Stapler .

1. Be sure to remove the battery. The battery has a back cover. Pushing it according to the prompt is still very easy;

2, then take out the small flat-blade screwdriver, insert the rotation in the position of the charging port, remember not to use brute force, will damage the surface of the shell,

3, open a small mouth to stop, and then open at the top of the insertion position, must be slowly and slowly along the edge;

4. When the gap becomes very large, you can hold it in one hand and squat in the outside. When you are squatting, you must control the strength. The inside is gear connection. Excessive force will damage the gear and affect the normal use of Zhang.

5. After the whole is opened, the internal structure is also very simple. There is no special place. It can be checked according to the cause of the problem. The intermediate binding parts are independently detachable.

6, a lot of situations are gear wear, can only buy replacement parts, do not use brute force when installing, to align the card slot, slowly press.

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Post time: Jan-27-2019
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