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There is at least one stapler in every office, which provides us with the ideal means of binding many sheets of paper together for storage. I believe many people have Standard stapler at home.

In fact, the earliest stapler was not an office item at all, it was developed for the printing industry. The stapler, in addition to manual, has an electric stapler, which is mainly used for binding and molding of products. The model of the stapler is differentiated by the size of the staples and the function of the stapler. Please see the small series for details:

1. The size of the staples is: 26/6, 24/6 (unified), 10#, 23/6-2;

2. The sealing nails are: 35×16, 18, 19, etc.

3, stapler functions: electric stapler, card stapler, small stapler, large stapler, multi-head stapler and needleless stapler.

4, stapler, in addition to manual, there is an electric stapler, mainly used for product binding, molding.

5, electric stapler, you can have a head, you can also be long, long order.

6. The needleless stapler does not need a staple. It has a slit underneath. Just put the paper into this slit and then easily press the paper like a normal stapler. 

An oval hole is squeezed from the paper, and there is a slit at the edge of the hole. The piece of paper that has been pressed is not inserted into the slit. Easy to use, saves time and effort.

Needle-free stapler environmentally friendly design, fashion pioneer, never hurt. Especially suitable for binding notes, simple documents, etc.

The Huisheng brand stapler has three outstanding feelings: one is effortless; the second is no paper jam; the third is flat; interested friends can learn about our electric stapler, mini stapler and desk stapler, our, welcome to consult!

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Post time: Jan-28-2019
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