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Heavy duty stapler: It is an extension of the standard stapler.

The stapler of the standard stapler is no more than 20 sheets of 10#, 12#, and 14# stapled paper.

More than 20 sheets, the stapler is difficult to fully staple.

The heavy duty paper stapler has more than 100 sheets of stapled paper,

Which is much larger than the ordinary stapler.

The staples are 23/6, 23/13.

How to put staples in a heavy duty stapler

I found the PUSH twist on the back of the pole.

You can staple it by pressing the nail path automatically.

You can put it on the nail and push it back.

staples heavy duty stapler how to load

Remarks: When changing staples, remember not to use brute force, grasp the skills, or easily damage the stapler.

Heavy Duty Office Stapler Video

HS2012 heavy duty stapler (2-200Sheets),Type of staples:23/6-23/13(≤200pcs) Color : customized. High quality, power save,favorable price.There’s no pressure to staple 200pages.

HUISHENG-heavy duty hand stapler

Model No.:HS2012



Size :29.3*11.2*8.5 cm


Staple Type:23/10-23/23

Capacity :2-200sheets;200 Staples

Logo print:Customized logo design


Packing / CTN:1/6

Post time: May-07-2019
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