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There is at least one stapler in every office, which provides us with the ideal means of binding many sheets of paper together for storage. I believe many students also have staplers at home.

In fact, the earliest stapler was not an office item at all, it was developed for the printing industry.

The stapler, in addition to manual, has an electric stapler, which is mainly used for binding and molding of products.

The electric stapler can have a head, and it can also be long and long.

how to put staples in a mini stapler

Q: How do the nails of the stapler fit?

A: The structure of the stapler is divided into three parts, upper middle and lower.

The place where the nail is pressed is in the middle, and the structure in the middle has a spring thing, and that is to push the nail forward.

Move the spring back, place the nail into the empty slot, and spring the spring back to its original position.

The stapler is mainly used to pass a certain number of paper-like articles through the U-shape in the stapler...

Q: How to install nails for Huisheng heavy duty stapler HS2012

A: There is a button at the end, press it down, the nailing component can be popped up, and then the nail can be loaded.

How to put staples in a heavy duty stapler  (related question)

Q: How do the staples of the mini stapler fit?

A: Pull the powder that connects the iron and the plastic on the stapler to the inside. There is a spring inside, put the staple into the gap between the spring and the front iron piece, and then re-close the plastic box iron.

The stapler provides an ideal means of binding many sheets of paper together for preservation.

Specific steps are as follows:

1. Open the mini stapler.

2, it is best to fix the hand to open the head to prevent the bullet from returning to the injured hand.

3. Put in the staples.

4, put together

5. Align the position where the staples should be stapled and press firmly.

6, complete.

how to put staples in a mini stapler

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