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We often use staplers in our daily work and study. Traditional manual staplers are much more common. Electric staplers are relatively rare. How to use automatic stapler? Below we show:

Electric stapler contains objects:

1, a simple box
2. Instructions and certificate
3, there is a separate power supply

Appearance characteristics of electric stapler:

1, the overall size is smaller than the common soap box
2, all black plastic shell with
3, with anti-slip rubber strip at the bottom
4, a button design on the back side
5. After pressing, the staple binding slot will pop up.

How to use an electric stapler

1. The electric stapler naturally needs electricity. It has a built-in design of four 5th batteries. Normal use can be stapled hundreds of times or more
2, the next is to load the staples, the normal size staples are suitable for binding 20 pages thickness
3. In order to test the thickness of the electric stapler binding, the first step is to fold the paper into 4 layers.
4. Next, I folded the 4 layers of paper just now, and bound 16 layers at the moment. Still normal and fast
5, once again folded, has become a 32-layer thickness, still binding normal
6. The paper is folded to the limit and is 64 layers thick. It is very difficult to insert the card slot of the stapler at this moment. Even if you put it in, you can't staple it properly, and the electric stapler can't get stuck.

Advantages and disadvantages of electric stapler:

Advantages: Each stapled staple is completely constant from the edge of the paper, the binding speed is fast, the binding effect is neat and tidy, and each binding book can be completely identical. It is suitable for environments requiring a large number of binding documents. Normally, it can be bound for 20 pages. The actual binding of 35 pages is also normal;

Disadvantages: The external power supply socket is a relatively rare round hole. If it is a mobile phone M-USB, it will be more practical. If the product is stuck, it will not be handled properly, and it will cause the paper to be forcibly pulled out. Unable to staple page position in larger paper

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