Inspection of staple and needle

Stapler using lever tableland: the longer the handle, the more forward, when pressing more energy;Nailing machine hand pressure area is larger, increase the force surface, the more power;The sharper the needle, the easier it is.

The shrapnel card in the upper cover of the middle branch is placed in the correct position;Not placing the shrapnel in place will cause the shrapnel to not press on the front of the staples, leading to the insufficient force of the pins, causing floating or twisting needles.The guide spring is elastic enough to close smoothly;The lack of spring spring will make the second stitch push not enough force to push the staples forward, resulting in a stuck or empty needle.

Guide rail smooth and straight;When the guide is not smooth enough, the force applied by the pushing load is not enough to push the needle forward in parallel, resulting in stuck or empty needle.

Smooth needle groove;The deformation of the pin groove will prevent the pin from forming in the way it is supposed to, causing the pin to turn out or become stuck.

The assembly parts are firmly connected;When the upper cover, the middle branch and the base are loosely assembled, the contact parts of the pins and grooves will change, and the staples will not be able to form normal deformation, forming a torsion needle.

Now a staple in every office, the stapler provides us with the ideal means of binding many pages together for preservation.

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Post time: Aug-26-2019
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