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Big power in a very miniature stapling machine—HUISHENG mini stapler delivers a good stapling capability and uses standard-sized staples. Everything you would like for stapling on the go, this mini stapling machine options a intrinsical staple remover and a staple-storage compartment. this stapler’s nice for work, home, college and travel. sturdy high-impact plastic construction will stand up to many wear and tear and still give quality stapling performance. stapling machine Type: mini Staple

Mini stapler,12 Sheets,Office/School supply

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mini stapler staples,12 Sheets,Pink& Light-Blue or customized

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Mini stapler,2-12sheets/80g,Office Instruments

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office stapler mini pin stapler

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HS stapler for S shape 

Need a travel size stapler? The mini Staplers is therefore compact and light-weight that it fits utterly into your pocket for movableness. For final convenience, a staple remover has been integrated. And despite being a mini, it offers full size stapling power with the flexibility to staple up to twenty sheets. This compact generator additionally opens simply for bulletin board taking or craft use, a bit like its larger brother full size staplers.

how to put staples in a mini stapler

1、Open the mini stapler machine.

Most mini staples ar high load staplers. To open these, grip the bottom of the machine, then pull the highest of the machine till it lifts open and also the staple receptacle is disclosed. Back load staplers sometimes have a button on the rear, thus to open these, push the button till the machine receptacle pops out slightly. Then, pull on the staple receptacle till it’s absolutely extended.

2、Load the mini stapler machine.

Insert the suggested mini staples, putting the sharp legs 1st into the staple receptacle. to shut high load staplers, push the highest of the machine down till it clicks into place. For back load staplers, push the machine receptacle in to shut it.

How to Refill a Stapler


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