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It’s important to use the right paper stapler as using the wrong desktop stapler may mean that paper is not properly stapled together and may also cause long-term damage to your stapler machine.

Paper Stapler Description

A stapler is a mechanical device that joins pages of paper or similar material by driving a thin metal staple through the sheets and folding the ends. Staplers are widely used in government, business, offices, homes and schools.

The word “stapler” can actually refer to a number of different devices of varying uses. In addition to joining paper sheets together, staplers can also be used in a surgical setting to join tissue together with surgical staples to close a surgical wound (much in the same way as sutures).

Desk Stapler Products

Sleek and functional, the HUISHENG stapler offers a variety of benefits to improve any office space.

Basic Stapler

Office Stapler

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paper stapler types

Sleek and functional, the HUISHENG stapler offers a variety of benefits to improve any office space.

Full Strip Stapler

normal staplers square measure typically full strip staplers. These staplers is loaded with a whole strip of staples (hence the name!) and usually have a stapling capability of between twenty to fifty sheets of 80gsm paper. excellent for everyday use, full strip staplers square measure designed to be used on a flat surface.

Half Strip Stapler

like full strip staplers however 0.5 the dimensions, 0.5 strip staplers square measure nice for lightweight duty use among the workplace and can have a stapling capability of between fifteen and thirty sheets of 80gsm paper. They hold 0.5 a strip of staples and also are designed to be used on a flat surface sort of a table or worktop.

Long Arm Staplers

For stapling larger documents, project folders, magazines or scrapbooks we tend to suggest employing a long arm machine. conjointly referred to as long reach staplers, you’ll be ready to staple sheets of paper beyond the stingthan is feasible with normal desktop documents – typically up to 32cm.

mini Stapler

For a transportable stapling resolution look no any than a mini machine. Designed for lightweight duty use, these staplers can work simply into a case, bag or pocket therefore you’ll keep documents so as whereas out of the workplace. you’ll staple between ten to twenty sheets of printer paper along quickly and simply.

Heavy Duty Stapler

Heavy duty stapler machine square measure purposeful for prime usage workplace environments wherever giantquantities of paper ought to be fastened along. These industrial staplers have a troublesome metal construction and have extra-long arms to alter the user to use most force for stapling thick documents or booklets. you’ll staple between a hundred to 250 sheets of 80gsm paper with a stapler heavy duty.

electrical Staplers

electrical staplers use machine-controlled stapling mechanisms that may staple materials while not the necessityto use force manually. they’re ideal for offices with high volume stapling necessities as a result of they will staple giant quantities of fabric quickly and with minimum effort. Basic versions will staple up to thirty sheets of printer paper whereas significant duty ones have a capability of up to a hundred sheets. Some electrical staplers even have the flexibility to staple in multiple ways that – aspect, corner and saddle stapling.

Vertical Staplers

If you’re trying to find one thing a bit completely different strive a vertical machine. These machines typically sit in an exceedingly stand and permit you to grip the stapler sort of a handle and punch staples while holding the paper up. weekday next to the workplace printer, a vertical machine is ideal for busy workplace environments.

Hand Plier Stapler

Plier Stapler can  staple cartons and enormous reports.

Staple Guns

Staple guns or tackers square measure hand-held staplers that square measure designed for tacking cloth, posters and canvas to baseboards or show boards. they will even be wont to tack animal skin and in some instances carpet. that includes a spring loaded mechanism to supply the mandatory force required to drive the staples into board, staple guns is operated with one hand therefore square measure straightforward to use.

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