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Office often use stapler, HUISHENG stapler suppliers introduce a few common stapler use tips for your reference:

Standard stapler binding very thick documents tips:

When the stapler wants to order very thick documents

Isn’t that crazy

Or the nails won’t go in

Or it’s crooked

Yes, yes, yes

It turned out to be a perfect one

But the documents have been ordered “full of holes”

You just add this to the binding

That will solve your problem

Look down

All you need is a square piece of cardboard about four centimeters long and wide

Paper Stapler

Put it under the document

Paper Stapler

Then order the documents and try

Paper Stapler

  This one is fully ordered

  Although it seems to increase the thickness

  Made the thick papers harder to pin

  But this little piece of paper

  Plays a role in easing the paper resistance

Paper Stapler

Let’s look at the tails

Paper Stapler

Unwrap the paper

The nails have been booked in

Paper Stapler

Use the end of the stapler to press the nail in

Paper Stapler

That’s pretty firm

Above is the stapler book thick data tips, I hope you have certain help;We are a Chinese stapler factory, the products are:mini stapler,fun staplers,metal book stapler;Welcome to consult and understand.

Post time: Jan-14-2020
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