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What’s the mechanics of an office stapler that can easily penetrate 20 pages of paper, but can be difficult to pin down by hand?

Following HUISHANG stapler manufacturers to specifically understand the mechanical principle of the three common stapler bar.

One, the standard stapler

It is not difficult to see that this stapler does not use a lever to change the size of the application force, mainly by increasing the application area of the hand to reduce the pressure;

The force applied by hand to the standard stapler is efficiently transferred to the staple, creating a huge pressure piercing the surface of the paper at the point of contact.

Metal Stapler

The second is a labor-saving stapler

It’s not hard to see how the heavy stapler‘s elongated handle provides a longer moment arm and greater torque.Hand downforce transferred to the point of contact with the staple paper can be magnified to about twice.When an adult presses his or her weight onto the handle, the nail-tip produces more than 1,000n of pressure, enough to penetrate a thick manuscript.

Heavy Duty Stapler

The third kind: power storage stapler

The stapler compresses the spring’s load in the first half of the handle when you press on it, and when you press on the back end, it triggers an internal lock that releases the spring’s energy and pushes a top plate down, quickly hitting the staple below.

The staple gains greater momentum and stops after it breaks through the paper.

The stapler’s principle is similar to that of a pulley bow (known in archery circles as a composite bow, not strictly).Hit hair of the moment to pull the trigger general hanchang dripping pleasure, is the best stapler.

Above is the principle of several common stapler, I hope you have some help;For more information about plier stapler, please pay attention to HUISHENG stapler factory.

Post time: Jan-13-2020
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