What are 11 uses for a stapler Besides stapling?

Paper Staplers can be used for more than just books. Chinese stapler manufacturers have collected some Suggestions from netizens.

Manual Metal Stapler

1. As a tool, you can practice grip strength, squeeze water in towels, etc

2. As a weight, you can paperweight, crack walnuts, etc

3,As a detachable object, different parts can do different things

4. As a commodity, it can be sold, exchanged, given as a gift, etc

5. As a decoration, you can also take some fun photos.

6, when reading, you can read notes to the corresponding pages, convenient access

7, open a certain Angle can be used as a mobile phone bracket

8, the needle straight can be used as a mobile phone card needle, clean up the small gap dust

9, the front can be bound, the back can take nails.

10,Can you at least play as a toy?A lot of times I like to hold the stapler without staples!

11, can also be used to knock nails, really not, put in a place to do decoration, increase the atmosphere of literature.Oh, it’s ok.

Do you think these netizens are not fixed thinking, have a good creativity and imagination, if you have a better idea can also tell us;We specialize in:mini stapler;office stationery stapler;Welcome to consult ~

Post time: May-02-2020
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