What are the types of office stapler and purchasing skills?

In the office, for the office stapler model is more concerned.Because the type of office stapler is directly related to the effect and efficiency of the office.

Nowadays, staplers are found in many places, such as the office area of a company, the office of a school, and the desk in a home.

Then, in order to better use the office stapler, the stapler model and the purchase of stapler matters needing attention should be understood:


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First, what is a stapler

Stapler, as the name implies is the paper products binding and other books like a kind of office appliances.In many office places will have a good auxiliary office effect.

Second, the type of office stapler

At present, in China stapler sales market, stapler models are determined by stapler classification.The unified stapler model on the market is 11.5*6mm, which is the most common type of stapler used in the daily office in China.

Other models include: small 8.4*5 mm.Long legs 11.5*10 mm.10 # 8.4 * 5 mm.B-8:11.5*7 mm.24/6:11.5* 6mm.23/6:11.5*6 mm.23/10: 11.5*10 mm, etc.

Third, office stapler purchase considerations

In the daily stapler for the purchase of time, to pay full attention to the purchase of skills, because there is not enough skills to choose and buy stapler, it is easy to the future use of the effect of a certain impact on the work efficiency will also have a negative impact.China stapler factory to give you a few tips:

1. Appearance of stapler

At present in our country stapler sales market, the appearance of the stapler variety is rich, there is a basic ordinary stapler, rotary stapler, there are many different shapes of stapler.No matter what kind of stapler, the purchase of its appearance should be a good inspection, to ensure that the appearance of no cracks and other unusual.

2. The location of staples

The stapler stapler position to check, to see whether there is a skew or rough edge of the situation, which will have an adverse effect on the smooth push and put of the stapler.

3. Weight of stapler

In order to ensure the binding effect, should choose the weight of heavy stapler, so that can have good stability.


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Master the model of office stapler and purchasing skills, let the office more convenient.We are a stapler supplier, all kinds of stapler, hole punch, office supplies procurement one-stop service, welcome to come to buy!

Post time: Apr-13-2020
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