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simply put:

The paper stapler is the kind of gadget that is used to staple the book.easy shot


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The stapler machine is a large-scale book and print machine, which is only available in general printing houses.


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But in reality, many people call the stapler a stapler and call the calculator a computer.


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In 1869, Thomas Briggs of Boston, Massachusetts, invented a machine that could take on this role. He founded a “Boston Wire Binding Machine Company” that manufactures and sells such machines. His machine cuts the wire and bends it into a U shape, then uses it to nail the page, and finally bends it to properly hold the book. Now the stapler has a U-shaped container, and the stapler itself is a simple design

Briggs' original stapler was quite complicated because it had so many steps. Therefore, in 1894 he adopted a manufacturing process in which the iron wire was first rolled and bent to form a series of U-shaped staples. These nails can be loaded into a much simpler machine that can embed these nails into the paper. This machine is the prototype of today's office and home staplers.

Early staples were wrapped in paper or individually loaded into the stapler. The use of staplers became increasingly popular in the 1920s, when staples were glued into a strip and placed on the market.

The stapler is a labor-saving lever.
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The large stapler is more obvious. The position of the nail is about half of the length of the handle to the shaft, and the force of the human arm is longer, so it is labor-saving.
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Ordinary small staplers are basically not labor-saving, and the arm is the same.
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