What stapler is used in the office?Office stapler

Office stapler is a type of stapler that is suitable for office use. Please follow the Chinese office stapler manufacturers to learn more about it:


Office Stationery Stapler

Classification of office stapler:

1. Standard stapler (flat stapler)

2. Multi-function two-headed horse stapler

Introduction to office stapler:

Binding is the last link of data processing, is to ensure that the standard writing can not be ignored factors and details.In practical work, most of the binding of office materials is not very rigorous and standardized, unable to meet the prescribed standards for binding of office documents in the official document format of national administrative organs, affecting the overall normalization of documents.

“Administrative office stapler” is a specially designed and produced office supplies to meet the normative needs of administrative staff in their daily work.When binding office materials, two staples can be simultaneously bound by one press, and the nail eye is always located in the standard position stipulated by the state (A4 and 16 open paper can be standard bound), so that it can reach the national binding standard.

Solved the previous ordinary binding tools binding documents and office materials, two staples on the page of the position of “neither high nor short, neither left nor right” can not make it standard.Ensure the document binding, careful and beautiful, time, manpower, simple operation, high efficiency, modelling beautiful, durable, is the administrative and clerical staff standard do article ideal products, it is widely used in various office departments and staff, as well as the need for paper data collection sorting jobs (such as: the administrative examination and approval items data collection jobs and a workplace to printer, etc).

Necessity of using office stapler:

Paper documents and materials required to pass through to draft compiled, typography, edit, print, binding three necessary procedures, the former two programs through human effort can do processing of zero error, and alone in binding part of the human experience is difficult to meet the specification requirements, need a special tool to make binding uniform, ensure the overall specification of prose.

Standard for office stapler:

This product USES the state administrative organ document format for document binding standards, that is, “document paper using GB/148 in the A4 paper, the use of plain binding way binding, plain for the two nail saw outside the stitching eye from the book block up and down 1/4, the distance between the plain stitching distance and the spine of the book is 3mm ~ 5mm.

Functional features of office stapler:

1. Standard and rigorous binding.Adopting vertical and horizontal adjustable positioning structure, suitable for the standardized binding of A4 and 16 kinds of office paper, to ensure that the staple is always in the standard position stipulated by the state.

2. Time-saving and efficient operation.Two staples can be simultaneously bound by one press;It adopts new structure such as button stitching and floating stitching groove, which can bind 120 pieces of materials once filled.A storage box is provided for random storage of staples.

3. It is labor-saving and easy to use.The use of labor-saving lever and sliding drag reduction structure, than ordinary stapler labor-saving 60%, only light pressure can be completed binding;When switching binding specifications, just press the prompt to dial it.

4, beautiful structure, durable.Using high strength engineering materials and paint metal parts, equipped with anti-card nails and overload protection mechanism, in the contracting state of the machine is 21 cm long, 19 cm wide, 14 cm high (and the size of the telephone), 1500 grams of weight, compact structure, stable and beautiful shape.

Application of office stapler:

This product is especially suitable for all office departments and text staff, as well as the need to collect and sort the paper materials (such as: administrative examination and approval items data collection post and the workplace with a printer).This product fills in the blank of the industry, is the essential supplies of standardization.

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Post time: Apr-13-2020
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