stapler machine

A device used to attach papers together with staples.A stapler comprises many components, most of which are metal stampings and spring type parts.The size of stapler gun ranges as well— mini stapler ( small stapler) 、long reach stapler(long stapler)、power staplerhand stapler and big stapler. Stapler stationery are most frequently used in binding multi-page documents and other such related office tasks.

how does a stapler work

The working principle of the ordinary stapler is that when the end of the stapler is pressed by the hand, the top, the needle and the clamp will rotate around the connecting pin, and as the force of the hand continues to be applied, the top will rotate to the natural state.

At this time, the top piece will make an approximate up and down movement slightly above the needle height around the connecting pin, the end cap spring compression, the elastic piece compression, and then the downward movement of the needle will be driven.

After moving a certain distance, the needle will contact the object to be bound and pass through the object under the action of manpower. After the needle passes through the object, the needle will touch the mold and the needle will bend, thereby achieving penetration and binding between the needle and the object;

After the binding is completed, the person removes the force on the end cap of the needle. At this time, the elastic piece will rebound, and the needle, the clamp, the top and the end cover will rebound under the action of the elastic force, and then the spring of the end cover spring will rebound. The sub-end and the end cover are lifted again, and the top is separated from the fixture;

The expansion of the push spring causes the needle to feed again, thereby returning the stapler to its original state, waiting for re-binding.

Mini stapler

Staple Size:24/6 & 26/6, 24/6 & 26/6
Application:Home . Office . Shcool
small hand stapler: 12 sheets mini stapler for binding

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Save power stapler

Name::Professional factory produced high quality power saving stapler
Staple Size:24/6&26/6, 24/6&26/6 
Sheet Capacity:2-20sheets

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Standard stapler

Type:Standard Stapler
Staple Size:24/6, 24/6&26/6
Sheet Capacity:2-20sheets/80g
Feature:standard square stapler

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Hand hold stapler

Staple type:24/6&26/6 (100pcs/105pcs)
type:stand up stapler
material:metal + plastic
stapler capacity:2-20sheets(80g)

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Heavy duty stapler

Type:Heavy-Duty Stapler
Staple Size:23/8, 23/6 23/8 23/10 23/13
Staple Capacity:100 Pcs
Dimensions:29.3*11.2*8.5 cm
Throat Depth:65 mm

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Electric stapler

Power:Electricity, electric or battery
Staple Size:24/6&26/6, 24/6 or 26/6
Sheet Capacity:2~20 sheets / 80g
Operating Voltage:120VAC,60Hz or 220VAC,50Hz

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who invented the stapler (history of the stapler)

The earliest use of the stapler may be the French Louis XV. The staples he used were hand-crafted with a royal logo printed on them to bind royal files together.

In 1868, Charles Gould obtained a British patent for a wire stapler. He used wire to make the wire, cut the wire into a certain length, and the wire pointed through the paper and then folded. This is a direct prototype of a modern stapler.

In 1869,Thomas Briggs of Boston, Massachusetts, invented a machine that could do the job. He founded the "Boston Wire Binding Machine Company" that manufactures and sells such machines. His machine cuts the wire and bends it into a U shape, then uses it to nail the page, and finally bends it to properly hold the book. Briggs' original stapler was quite complicated because it had so many operational steps.

In 1894, he used a manufacturing process in which the iron wire was first rolled and bent to make a string of "U" shaped staples. These nails can be loaded into a much simpler machine that can be used to embed these nails in paper. This machine is the prototype of today's stapler. Early "U" nails were wrapped in paper or individually placed in a stapler.

The use of stapler machine in the 1920s was gaining in popularity...

how to use a stapler

1、Open the stapler easy shot 

2、It is best to open the head with your hand to prevent the bullet from falling back.

3、Put in the staples

4、 Put it up, put it together

5、Align the position where the staples should be stapled

6、Press firmly with your palm

7、Book it, let go and release the stapler

8、This will be fine.

Stapler Sizes

Staple specifications are: 26/6, 24/6 (369), 10#, 23/6-2;

The sealing nails are: 35╳16, 18, 19, etc.

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