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  • stapler


    Staplers are essential office, home and school equipment used for putting together documents by joining sheets of paper with staples.

  • హోల్ పంచ్

    హోల్ పంచ్

    If you're after a simple hole punch to carry in your binder, a heavy duty punch to service the entire office or a decorative hole punch for your paper crafts, you'll find what you need here.

  • ప్రధానమైన రిమూవర్

    ప్రధానమైన రిమూవర్

    Whether you need to take apart stapled documents and forms for editing or re-arranging purposes, there are plenty of staple removers available to help you quickly and neatly remove a variety of staples, from thin, standard staples to thick, heavy-duty staples.

  • sharpener


    we offer robust metal and plastic sharpeners for graphite and coloured pencils. These are suitable for normal-sized pencils as well as our extra-thick jumbo models.

  • టేప్ డిస్పెన్సెర్

    టేప్ డిస్పెన్సెర్

    Adhesive tape dispensers are a convenient and efficientresource. Add a tape dispenser to your desk for quick access, and tackle papertears and projects that require adhesive quickly with the easy-to-handle tape.

  • బహుళ funtional బాక్స్

    బహుళ funtional బాక్స్

    We are the well known Manufacturer and Supplier of the elegant Multi-funtional box that are available at the market leading...

ఎందుకు huisheng ఎంచుకోండి

హ్యూయిసూ Huisheng ప్రెసిషన్ ఇండస్ట్రీ కో, LTD is single-venture entrprise,which manly produced very variety of office stationry by our designed and development,such as stapler మెషిన్ పేపర్ stapler హోల్ పంచ్ , stapler రిమూవర్ , ఎలక్ట్రిక్ పెన్సిల్ sharpener,Tape Dispenser,Rotary Trimmer,Multi-funtional Box etc.The factory is located in pingnan industrial district Huizhou Guangdong province.We have registered capital of 5,000,000RMB and gross investments of 25million RMB, and has a building area of 10,000 square meters.We have profession ,technique,technician and fullof the experience to designed several types of stationery products.

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  • How to distinguish the stapler model | HUISHENG

    How to distinguish the stapler model | HU...

    There is at least one stapler in every office, which provides us with the ideal means of binding many sheets of paper together for storage. I believe many people have Standard stapler at home. In fact, the earliest st...
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  • How to disassemble the electric stapler | HUISHENG

    How to disassemble the electric stapler |...

    Electric stapler, if the card is nailed, what should be done if there is a malfunction, and I don’t know where to start when I disassemble it. The following small series introduces how to disassemble the Electronic St...
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  • How to use an electric stapler | HUISHENG

    How to use an electric stapler | HUISHENG

    We often use staplers in our daily work and study. Traditional manual staplers are much more common. Electric staplers are relatively rare. How to use automatic stapler? Below we show: Electr...
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