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  • stapler


    Staplers are essential office, home and school equipment used for putting together documents by joining sheets of paper with staples.

  • హోల్ పంచ్

    హోల్ పంచ్

    If you're after a simple hole punch to carry in your binder, a heavy duty punch to service the entire office or a decorative hole punch for your paper crafts, you'll find what you need here.

  • ప్రధానమైన రిమూవర్

    ప్రధానమైన రిమూవర్

    Whether you need to take apart stapled documents and forms for editing or re-arranging purposes, there are plenty of staple removers available to help you quickly and neatly remove a variety of staples, from thin, standard staples to thick, heavy-duty staples.

  • sharpener


    we offer robust metal and plastic sharpeners for graphite and coloured pencils. These are suitable for normal-sized pencils as well as our extra-thick jumbo models.

  • టేప్ డిస్పెన్సెర్

    టేప్ డిస్పెన్సెర్

    Adhesive tape dispensers are a convenient and efficientresource. Add a tape dispenser to your desk for quick access, and tackle papertears and projects that require adhesive quickly with the easy-to-handle tape.

  • బహుళ funtional బాక్స్

    బహుళ funtional బాక్స్

    We are the well known Manufacturer and Supplier of the elegant Multi-funtional box that are available at the market leading...

ఎందుకు huisheng ఎంచుకోండి

హ్యూయిసూ Huisheng ప్రెసిషన్ ఇండస్ట్రీ కో, LTD is single-venture entrprise,which manly produced very variety of office stationry by our designed and development,such as stapler మెషిన్ పేపర్ stapler హోల్ పంచ్ , stapler రిమూవర్ , ఎలక్ట్రిక్ పెన్సిల్ sharpener,Tape Dispenser,Rotary Trimmer,Multi-funtional Box etc.The factory is located in pingnan industrial district Huizhou Guangdong province.We have registered capital of 5,000,000RMB and gross investments of 25million RMB, and has a building area of 10,000 square meters.We have profession ,technique,technician and fullof the experience to designed several types of stationery products.

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  • 21/10/19

    Stapler making process

    Small stapler, convenient office and study, how did he make out?Below by China stapler factory for you to explain: Part one: Cuboid length, width and height are 48, 24 and 4 respectively.The slot is 43 in length, 17 i...
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  • 03/09/19

    What is the structure of a stapler? How d...

    What is the structure of the stapler Stapler is also a kind of mechanical structure, part of the market stapler also clever use of labor-saving institutions, making the book to more convenient, easier to operate. Ordi...
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  • Inspection of staple and needle

    Inspection of staple and needle

    Stapler using lever tableland: the longer the handle, the more forward, when pressing more energy;Nailing machine hand pressure area is larger, increase the force surface, the more power;The ...
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